Overview of the Module

Haramaya University has been offering MSc programs in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension since 2005. More recently it has launched a new regional MSc Program in Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM) that is being implemented through the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity-Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and is supported by the AgShare sub-project. The objective of the sub-project is to create a comprehensive set of course modules for the ‘Perspectives of Agricultural Extension’ course currently being offered by Haramaya University within its AICM Master’s Degree program. The overall goal of the postgraduate programme is to enhance the competence of agricultural information professionals, agricultural researchers and other development workers in AICM while strengthening the capacity of universities to provide higher-level education and research services in this field.

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This Learning Resource was Created by the Regional MSc AICM Program at the Haramaya University RDAE Department with Support of AgShare Project.