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Grant Two & Three - Implementation and Expansion of Networks

In this three-year grant, OER Africa focused attention on raising awareness about the benefits of OER, supported collaborative development, adaptation and implementation processes within faculties, courses and programmes, and supported development and elaboration of OER policy frameworks at institutional, national, regional and continental levels.

Our work with networks expanded during the period of this grant to include:

The network spaces were strengthened with both internally developed resources and external resources, such as:

Research was conducted and documented in the form of case studies, which included:

OER Awareness Raising, Sensitisation and Support, which included running workshops, building up our repository to support and strengthen theoretical understanding of OER, was provided to:

  • University of Pretoria: Department of Veterinary Science – Supporting the development of their online platform
  • University of Malawi
  • University of Cape Coast/FAO
  • African Storybook

We developed and supported development of the following resources and toolkits: