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The Health Informatics Building Blocks (HIBBs) Program seeks to build workforce capacity in resource constrained environments to plan, develop, manage, and use health information and communications technology (HICT) applications, with the goal of improving the delivery of health care. With an initial focus on sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the Program works with local partners to develop, implement, and evaluate training resources for distance and face-to-face learning on HICT topics.  The Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHIP), the umbrella organization for global programs at the AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association), manages the HIBBs Program.  The Rockefeller Foundation provides financial support for the HIBBs Program. For the latest news on HIBBs and the Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHIP) go to

What is a HIBB?

  • A Health Informatics Building Block (HIBB) is a training module designed to help individuals gain proficiency in the use of HICT tools; HIBBs are designed to be portable, reusable, and adaptable to local needs. HIBBs are being created as open educational resources.

Which content areas are included in HIBBs?

  • Examples of content areas that the HIBBs collection will cover include basic HICT topics (e.g., terminology, introduction to computers); electronic health record systems; data standards and management; health information system design; and leadership of system implementation teams.

Who will develop and use HIBBs?

  • Individuals from around the world are invited to share their expertise through HIBBs. Tools available for individuals interested in creating HIBBs are being developed.

How will HIBBs be used? 

  • Local instructors can integrate HIBBs into a training program or curriculum by using the HIBB as is or by adapting it to meet local training needs. Alternatively, a HIBB module can be a stand-alone learning object for use by individuals as part of a distance learning program. To aid users in determining which HIBBs will meet their needs, the HIBBs project is developing a framework that links the content in HIBB modules to HICT competency and curricular needs.