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Course and Materials Development

Introduction to Christian Ethics (UCC204)

The unit provides an introduction to Christian ethics and is a one trimester, university common course. It is part of the core curricular of the university. It is a two credit hour course, covered within 28 hours of the university’s trimester calendar. The course is taken by all undergraduate students in all programmes offered at Africa Nazarene University. Students taking the class need to think about ethical issues encountered in their careers. The unit will provide you with principles needed in making moral decisions from a Christian perspective.

Developing ODL Curricula and Learning Resources: Guidelines for Effective Practice

This document outlines a process for curriculum and learning resource development for effective ODL provision. It suggests three core stages of curriculum design, course design and learning
resource development which are inter-related.

OER in Teacher Education: Reflections from the OER Africa Teacher Education Network

This document is the result of a discussion within the African Teacher Education Network of OER Africa on the status of OER integration into teacher education.

Examining the Reuse of Open Textbooks

In this study we examined the extent to which the openly licensed Flat World Knowledge textbooks were being revised and remixed.

OER Adaptation and Reuse Across Cultural Contexts in Sub Saharan Africa: Lessons from TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa)

Over a period of three years a number of International and African based institutions collaborated to design and create a set of Open Educational Resources (OERs) to support school based teacher education as part of the TESSA project. It is this process - supporting the user community to harness and integrate OERs for their own systems and cultur

Herzberg, Hygiene and the Motivation to Reuse: Towars a Three Factor Theory to Explain Motivation to Share and Use OER

This paper draws on a longitudinal cross case comparison of five facilitation initiatives within UK HE which represented differing approaches to reuse activity (i.e. sharing and use) (Pegler, 2012).

Implementing a Multimedia Content Development Strategy in Open Schooling: The Experience of the Namibian College of Open Learning

The purpose of this guide is two-fold. Principally, on request of the Commonwealth of Learning it is designed as a model to aid open schools in the process of implementing a multimedia content development strategy. The second purpose is to record the process that occurred during the implementation of the project.

Web-based Writing Support: Making It Useable for Distance Teachers

This paper considers the issues that distance teachers in higher education who are not writing specialists face in supporting their students’ academic writing development.

Empowering Teachers to Author Multimedia Learning Resources that Support Students' Critical Thinking

Students studying Marketing, Fashion, Public Relations, Advertising and similar subjects need to develop a ‘critical eye’ in relation to images, media and digital technologies. This project aims to empower teachers to develop multimedia learning resources that would support students engaging in this essential activity.