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World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report 2010: Monitoring the WSIS Targets - A Mid-Term Review

The main objective of the report is to provide policy-makers with a comprehensive assessment of what has been achieved so far, and what remains to be done. Besides highlighting actual progress and trends since WSIS, the report also proposes quantitative i

ICTs for Development: Improving Policy Coherence

This publication draws from two discussion documents presented at a workshop that discuss the discrepancies in access to ICTs and use of ICTs between countries.

Supporting higher education in further education colleges-Writing Higher Education Strategies

This is a supplement to the HEFCE good practice guide `Supporting higher education in further education colleges: Policy practice and prospects` (HEFCE 2009/05). It is intended to support colleges in their strategic thinking and to help them prepare higher

Emerging Education Trends and Strategies

A chapter from Education in Asia that looks at new trends in Management, Systems, Indicators and their impact on Policy and Strategy design

Internationalization of Higher Education in Developing Countries: Challenges, Strategies, Policies and Programs

Education and development have an unbroken connection. This is not just now rather in the past centuries. In globalization age, education differs with the last age. In the past decades, the focus of education maybe was on the primary education to increase

Technological Innovation and Management Strategies for Higher Education in Africa: Harmonizing Reality and Idealism

This paper analyses and suggests possible technological innovation strategies in higher educational institutions in Africa. The paper describes management issues in the implementation of eLearning with particular reference to its usage in higher education

The Impact of Research on Higher Education Policy-Making and Institutional Development in Puerto Rico

Given the importance of higher education in Puerto Rico during the last two decades, several efforts have been oriented towards developing a research culture and a generation of researchers. - The most recent and significant one was the enactment of Law

Linking Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Presentation from the National Centre for Higher Education Management Systems

Emerging Policy Triangle: Economic Development, Workforce Development and Education

Updated Profiles for All 50 States and Including International Comparative Data. Few issues unite policymakers in quite the same way as that of economic development. Whether their responsibilities are national, state, regional, or local in nature, individu

Developing and Maintaining the Information Infrastructure for State Level Higher Education Policymaking

Good policymaking requires information that is both accurate and relevant to the decisionmaking process. This is true whether the decisions are to be made at the national, state, or institutional levels. Because higher education is primarily a state-level