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Teaching large classes effectively

Harnessing Open Educational Resources to the Challenges of Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

The challenges to teacher educators in sub-Saharan Africa are acute. This paper describes how the Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) consortium is working within institutional and national policy systems to support school-based teacher profess

Many to one: using the Mobile Phone to interact with large classes

"The issue of communicating effectively with large classes can be solved using student’s mobile phones, and a restructuring of the lecture format to include communications from the students. The author describes a piece of software designed to facilita

Teaching a Large Class in a Technological Setting

In this paper, the author discusses the challenges faced in designing and implementing a Calculus class with strength of about 300 students at I. I. T Bombay in July-November 2007. Teaching a large class necessitates the use of technology. The use of tech

Teaching Large Maths Classes: Three Instructors, One Experience

"This article identifies challenges involved in teaching a mathematics class with 350 or more students. It discusses issues of preparation, organization, course administration, instruction, use of technology, and student management, while offering constr

Guide to Teaching and Learning in Higher Eductaion - Module 5: Effective teaching and learning in Large Classes

Written for the African Higher Education context, this module assists teachers who have responsibility for teaching large classes. It addresses issues such as How does class size make a difference? Developing and implementing curriculum for large classes,

Large Class Teaching

This resource provides useful tools and links to resources focussing on the following areas: •Learning Outcomes •Engaging Students •Classroom Management •Effective Presentations •Using Technology •Assessment •Frequently Asked Questions •General

Teaching Large Classes

Teaching large classes is particularly challenging, and newer faculty are likely to be assigned to teach at least a few of them. The resources provided can help you keep your students actively engaged and minimize the time you spend grading, effectively a

Teach Large Classes: Best Practices

This set of "best practices" were adapted from Connie Varnhagen`s keynote address at Fall Perspectives 2001. All deal with the use of technology in the classroom. When considering the use of any technology for course instruction, one should consider the g

Large Classes: A Teaching Guide

This guide to teaching large classes from the University of Maryland addresses the challenge of providing high quality educational experiences to undergraduates in large lecture classes.

Teaching Large Classes

Actively engaging students in these classes is not easy but there are a few strategies that will allow you to break up your lecture, assess your student`s understanding, and engage them in learning. The resources provided are examples of techniques that h