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The purpose of the project was to support interventions in universities supported by the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA) Educational Technology Initiative (ETI) to make increasingly effective use of educational technology to address some of the underlying educational challenges facing the higher educational sector in Africa. This required a focus on capacity development to initiate and sustain effective educational technology projects which impact on the nature and quality of the student learning experience and outcomes, as well as a focus on knowledge creation and dissemination across and between partner universities on the use of educational technology. 

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the PHEA Educational Technology Initiative were to:

  • Support teaching and learning initiatives which integrated educational technology;
  • Get core institutional systems to work so that they supported teaching and learning more directly
  • Research and report on educational technology activity in African universities by means of a long term project

Part A of the project comprised of a year-long, comprehensive engagement process with identified institutions and focused on providing learners with access to quality education and research opportunities; building academics’ capacity to teach effectively; and enhancing the institutional management and administration necessary to support and enable teaching, learning and research activities.

Part B of the programme of work was a four year implementation, based on the planning, exposure and research which took place in Part A.  It included both institutional and inter-institutional sub-projects.