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  • School Leadership: Podcast Keypoints - Leadership and Technology

    This resource focuses on the Leadership in education show on Cliffcentral.com [1] every Monday. This weeks guest was Fiona Wallace of the CoZaCares Foundation, chatting about leadership in a school that’s on a tech journey. [1] http://cliffcentral.com/

  • 2015 Axis Education Summit Video

    The Axis Education Summit is an annual convergence of students, teachers, school leaders and stakeholders in the South African educational sector. The summit was hosted by the Global Teachers Institute in partnership with Teach With Africa, the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition and BRIDGE. In 2015 the summit theme was “A New Story for Education” and strove to lead the change for...

  • ECD Quality Reflection Toolkit Video Clip

    In this video, Melissa King of BRIDGE, provides an update on the progress of the development of the ECD CoP’s ECD Quality Reflective Toolkit. The purpose reflection tool is to help practitioners (including care-givers, trainers and other stakeholders) think about quality in ECD and reflect on: “What is quality ECD provision in practice?”

  • School Leadership: Podcast Keypoints School Twinning

    We were joined by the first two principals in Gauteng to be part of the controversial school-twinning process.  They discussed how they have worked through the process and dispelled some of the myths.

  • What's Trending Update: Focus on ICTs

    BRIDGE’s focus on ICTs as a cross-cutting theme in education has recently taken centre stage in several contexts. An important concern is to make sure that the device is not the goal; technology must support teaching and learning rather than overwhelming it.

  • Summary of Discussion: ECD COP & National ECD Alliance (NECDA) in Dialogue

    A team of key players from BRIDGE’s National ECD Community of Practice (ECD CoP) and the National ECD Alliance (NECDA) met in dialogue to focus on key challenges facing the ECD sector, the specific strengths and challenges of each structure and the potential for collaboration. Through the dialogue, participants identified and agreed on opportunities for strategic collaboration to further the...

  • Leadership in Education Podcast "Leadership in the Township:

    Paul Mumba, Principal of LEAP Science and Maths School in Diepsloot joins the panel to talk about his experience of leading a school in a township context. He also talks about the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition (the community of practice he belongs to) and what it has meant to him to be part of that collaborative platform. Find more podcasts on Leadership in Education on the...

  • Standards for Teacher Performance

    Read this tool on standards for teaching performance. This ‘quick resource’ will help you find sources around quality and standards in initial teacher education.

  • School Functionality Resource Pack

    Literature on school improvement projects suggests that interventions are more likely to succeed when they are implemented in schools with a certain basic level of functionality. What is school functionality and how do we determine levels of functionality? This BRIDGE Resource gives an overview of key points from selected texts, and directs you to a number of resources dealing with the topic...

  • BRIDGE'S School Profile Guide

    BRIDGE’s Guides to Social Investment Interventions aim to support the work and spend of social investors who promote educational improvement. The purpose of the *School Profile Guide* is to help you establish a *preliminary *overview of the level of functionality of a school which is the target of a funded intervention in order to assist with project planning. It has been developed as a...

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