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  • Some Thoughts on the Major Challenges Facing Higher Education

    A presentation by Professor Ahmed Bawa to the OER Africa 2016 convening where he discusses the need to re-visit higher education in the sub-content particularly related to funding, curricula, articilation, needs of society, issues of access and success, research capacity and affordability of higher education.

  • Accessibility of Open Educational Resources for Distance Education Learners: The Case of the Open University of Tanzania

    This paper investigated the accessibility of Open Educational Resources at The Open University of Tanzania. Specifically, the study looked at staff and students’ level of awareness on the types of OER available at OUT Library, access and use trends of OER by academic staff and students, challenges faced in accessing OER and possible solutions. The study involved one hundred and twenty (120)...

  • Access to Open Educational Resources: Report of a UNESCO OER Community Discussion

    UNESCO's international Community on Open Educational Resources has been active since 2005. It connects some 900 individuals in 109 countries to share information and discuss issues surrounding the production and use of Open Educational Resources ? web-based materials offered freely and openly for use and reuse in teaching, learning and research. The community returned to the issue of access...

  • Saide's OER initiatives

    A presentation by Tessa Welch to the DETA (Distance Education and Teacher Training in Africa) conference, 7 August 2007 on /Saide's/ OER initiatives (before OER Africa was born). It provides a useful insight into what OERs are and how their vision can be realised in various ways.

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