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  • Developing and Reviewing Online Courses: Items for Consideration

    (This document is a revision of “The Criteria for Evaluating the Quality of Online Courses” that the author released in 2003. This revised 2011 document is based on the author’s experience since the original publication date and the suggestions of various e-learning professionals. The document focuses on effective online course components rather than on the qualities of effective instructors...

  • Ace Maths Unit Two: Developing Understanding in Mathematics (PDF)

    In this unit, the theoretical basis for teaching mathematics – constructivism – is explored. Varieties of teaching strategies based on constructivist understandings of how learning best takes place are described

  • Ace Maths Unit One: Exploring What It Means to 'Do' Mathematics (pdf)

    This unit gives a historical background to mathematics education in South Africa, to outcomes-based education and to the national curriculum statement for mathematics. The traditional approach to teaching mathematics is then contrasted with an approach to teaching mathematics that focuses on ?doing? mathematics, and mathematics as a science of pattern and order, in which learners actively...

  • Report on the Learning4Content Project: Prepared for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

    The narrative section provides: * An overview of the WikiEducator initiative highlighting growth indicators and notable achievements under this grant, as well as: * A clarification of how the Foundation's support for the Learning4Content project is contributing to the achievement of WikiEducator's overall strategic objectives; * Achievement of the specific Learning4Content project...

  • BOCODOL Instructional Design Consultancy 19 ? 30 November 2001

    Although this report is specific to workshops run for BOCODOL in Botswana, there are useful guidelines for those engaging with course design processes. Part of the workshop focussed on adding audio elements to courses.

  • 80 Open Education Resource (OER) Tools for Publishing and Development Initiatives

    This list includes 80 online resources that can be used to learn how to build or participate in a collaborative educational effort that focuses on publication and development of materials. Although some choices focus solely on publication, development, or tools used to accomplish either effort, some provide multifacited venues that offer communities a space to collaborate on one or all of...

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