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  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Planning for the Business/Funding for the enterprise

    This resource looks at how much capital/funds one needs, what type of capital funds are required and where to get these funds more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Planning for the Business/Supply and Demand

    "This resource helps learners determine who are supplying ""your product"" or similar products, assess if there is a demand for your product, and establish your target market " more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Planning for the Business/Competition (SWOT Analysis)

    "After reading this subsection, you will: Identify competitors in your field of business Analyse the business environment using the SWOT Analysis Analyse your business or your competitors using the SWOT Analysis" more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Planning for the Business/Opportunities in your environments

    This resource provides a list of questions that may be useful in identifying opportunities for business startups in your nvironment/community more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Planning for the Business/Legal requirements for your type of business

    "After reading this subsection, you will discuss the rules and regulations to be followed in setting up a business, understand the required procedures for naming a business understand issues regarding trade marks and service marks " more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Starting Up a Business/How is a business idea developed?

    This resource explains that different business opportunities and new ventures can arise from external courses, voluntary self employment and hobbies more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Starting Up a Business/What are the different business types?

    This resource explores different business types, and highlights two different types of businesses - Sole trader and Partnership more

  • VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Starting Up a Business/What is meant by Entrepreneurship?

    This resource looks at defining entreprenurship and small business, considers the characteristics of an entrepreneur and looks at what an enterprise is more

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