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  • University of Fort Hare Distance Education Project. Core Studies Course: Schools as Learning Communities. Umthamo 1: Schools: Organizations or "Disorganizations"?

    The way schools are organized and managed affects the quality of learning which takes place in them. Ideally schools should be communities. They should be places where different people all have a part to play, and work together in a supportive way, like the members of a family. The first umthamo looks at the way schools are organized.

  • University of Fort Hare Distance Education Project. Core Learning Areas Course: Learning in the World. Umthamo 5: 'A Collective Consciousness': Cluster Development Within the District

    Lo mthamo asks you to take whole school development out into the broader context of the community of schools in your district. We have spoken, in the Schools as Learning Communities strand, of 'Schools as Learning Organisations', of 'Learning Schools', of School Improvement', Whole School Development' and 'Healing the System'. All these have been approaches to developing our schools into '...

  • Creating People Centred Schools: Cover, title and imprint pages, with contents list and preface

     This module deals with school organizational change and development to provide the context in which systematic learning takes place, particularly in developing countries.

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