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This EdTech course was originally developed in 2018-19 and piloted as a blended workshop series to support academic staff capacity building within the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM, Mozambique) Ed Tech project funded by the Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The core course activities were designed and developed by the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at the University of Cape Town (UCT, South Africa) in partnership with CIUEM and the Education Faculty (CDA, UEM).

The fully online version of the course was initially developed and piloted in 2020 in a partnership between the Association of African Universities (AAU) and the e/merge Africa professional development network using the materials developed for the original workshop series at UEM. The latest version of the EdTech course includes significant revisions and enhancements since the AAU online pilot.

The revised fully online EdTech course was piloted at UEM in 2022 by a team of facilitators from several UEM faculties and supported by CIUEM through its TIC-EID Department and specialised technicians.

Structure and formats

The EdTech course suite (renamed eLearning Basics) comprises 5 Stages/Modules (each a Moodle course) and is supported by a Facilitator & Tech Guidance Moodle course.

The Moodle Backups (.mbz) are shared in this accompanying file transfer. In the Moodle version, all reference to UEM contact details have been removed except in the acknowledgements & licencing. Should you notice any oversights in this regard please contact brenda.mallinson@gmail.com. The same applies to any Portuguese language that may inadvertently not have been removed.

The EdTech Course is also available in Portuguese. Should you like to use the Portuguese version, please let Brenda know and the equivalent files will be made accessible to you.

Text versions of the EdTech course are also provided for offline reference, and to promote the porting of the EdTech course onto a different LMS / platform. Links are provided to the text versions of each Stage on a Google Drive. In these text documents the UEM contact information has not been removed and will need to be done if/when downloading and reusing the documents. Links to text versions are provided below for viewing and downloading (not editing):

Stage/Module 0: Orientation

Stage/Module 1: Getting started with Educational Technology

Stage/Module 2: Course Design and Technology

Stage/Module 3: Online and Blended Teaching

Stage/Module 4: Resources and Open Educational Resources

Please note that the facilitator guidance is provided within these texts in the exact place where relevant and needed, so there is no separate Facilitator & Tech support text document.

Reuse and queries

In addition to adhering to the CC BY-SA licence, the EdTech-UEM development team kindly requests that they be notified of any reuse and adaptations in order to track the evolution history of these open resources. Please contact brenda.mallinson@gmail.com for any reuse queries or to supply any reuse instances to this team.

Universidade Eduardo Montlane
Association of African Universities
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