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Substantial innovations in distributed computing and virtualization, and better access to high speed internet have led to increased interest in cloud computing. This module introduces you to the theory and practice of cloud computing. The module will provide you with understanding and skills on working on cloud, which is a stable and fast computing resource that allows you to backup and store data as well as work within virtual environments. Generally, the module does this by providing you with concepts of cloud computing as well as skills on deploying cloud services. In this module, you will learn through face to face interactions and online learning.

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Conrad Ojiambo
Stephen Macharia
Benjamin Mundama
Kennedy Munene
Philomena Mwangi
Ian Wairua
Jane Mugo
Maria Kihara
Esther Awino
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0  
OER courseware
Strathmore University; PEBL
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