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This module of study identifies the essential knowledge, skills and attitude that all students need to be active lifelong learners in an information technology intensive environment. The curriculum is designed to form the foundation for continuous learning with introduction to emerging trends such as collaborative tools, ICT fundamentals, advanced MS Office/OpenOffice and security of the data. The students will be able to adapt to ever changing innovations and use ICT skills in long-life learning. The computer skills standard course of study involves the development of skills over time. These skills become building blocks with which to meet the challenges of personal and professional life.

Moodle backup for the course is also available.

Dr. Nduwingoma Mathias
Mwumvaneza Evariste
Nizeyimana Gerard
Munyakayanza John
Harelimana Emmanuel
Uhagaze Esron
Ntibazamushobora Jean Marie Vianney
Nteziryayo Christophe
Mugabe Nzarama Gabriel
Niyitegka Charite
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0  
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University of Rwanda
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