2.2 Extension and Formal Education

When extension is put into action for purposes of educating rural people, it is not considered to be formal education but rather it is non-formal education. However in instances where it is taught in university settings it is considered to be formal education which can lead to the attainment of a professional certificate. Click here to refer to a table showing the difference between formal and extension education.

Usually there is confusion differentiating between extension service and extension as a discipline. Extension is a fully fledged discipline having its own philosophy, objectives, principles, methods and techniques. It is a branch of applied behavioural science which looks at ways of bringing about desirable changes in human behaviour through education and communication by using the latest science and technological innovations. However, extension service is the art of communicating and providing service to the users using extension principles and methods. Extension principles and methods can be applied to various disciplines and are classified based on the purpose for example health extension, marketing extension etc.

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