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While many educators appreciate the value of openly licensed content, the issue is how to find these resources. Many educators and developers struggle to search for and identify useful resources.

OER Africa has prepared an interactive, multimedia rich, learning pathway on just this topic. It identifies a suggested simple set of procedures to find open resources that align with your curriculum requirements. 

The learning pathway is short, concise, and comprises eight segments of approximately 20 minutes each. 

The eight segments in the Find Open Content learning pathway cover:

  1. Why find and use open content?
  2. What is open licensing?
  3. Identifying different types of open content
  4. How to search for open content using Google
  5. Search for open content using Creative Commons search
  6. Search for open content on YouTube
  7. Search for open content in open repositories
  8. How to evaluate the open content discovered.


Access the learning pathway here

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