There has been an explosion of OER in recent years. One way to gauge growth is to keep an eye on the number of Creative Commons licences that are being issued. According to the Creative Commons website, there were 1.4 billion resources at the end of 2017.

Access their website for the latest figures at


The latest State of the Commons report does not give statistics by region as was done previously, but, in the 2015 report, Africa trailed significantly behind the rest of the world and it is unlikely that this has changed much.

Where CC licensed works

In the 2016 report, a few quality African open initiatives were highlighted, such as Saide’s African Storybook Initiative.


  1. Are there any potential authors at your institution who would consider releasing teaching materials with a Creative Commons Licence?
  2. Is there a way your institution might share some its more generic courses, or perhaps even a signature course to garner exposure for the quality work being developed at the institution?