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Asset Type: Presentations/Conference Papers
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Haj, Jema (2015). Agricultural Economics Team Report. Presentation at the Agshare Convening, March 2015.
Key Questions to Consider
Workshop overview
Kaneene, John B (2015). Strengthening Research Capabilities. Michigan State University: Center for Comparative Epidemiology
Makerere University College of Veterinary Medicine (2015). Utilizing OER to Improve the Efficiency of the Dairy Value Chain in Uganda.
Me-Nsope, Nathalie M (2015). Gender in Agricultural Research. Michigan State University: Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics and Global Center for Food Systems Innovation. Presentation at the Agshare Convening, March 2015.
Mekelle University (2015). Best Practices in Water Resources Development and Management in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.
Moore, Andrew (2015). The Agshare Concept.
Okello-Obura, Constant; Karubanga, Gabriel; Omwenga, Maxwell (2015). Documenting Agricultural Indigenous Knowledge (AIK). CoCIS/CAES – Agshare II Project. Makerere University.
Yousuf, Jemal (2015). Progress with Agshare (AICM Program). Overall AICM Program Progess and AICM Module: Farming System and Rural Livelihoods. Haramaya University: RDAE Department.
Asset Type: Assessments
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Institutional Enablers and Challenges
Asset Type: Supplementary Guide
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Mallinson, Brenda (2015). Transforming Our Agshare Courses for Engaging Teaching and Learning.