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  • Developing Regional OER Guidelines in Cameroon: Consultant's Report

    The work involved preparing draft OER guidelines catering to regional requirements; building awareness among key stakeholders on the concept and impact of OER; advocating the necessity and benefits of a regional OER policy for Education; initiating the process of drafting OER guidelines in ten regions and working with champions towards a final draft guideline. more

  • Towards an Open Educational Resources Strategy for the Republic of Zambia

    This report provides context and purpose for the adoption of OER in the country and initiates a draft OER strategy for the Republic of Zambia. The introductory section presents the current education system in Zambia with reference to structure, access, equity and quality and identifies national-level education agencies. In support of OER integration, the second section explores the status of... more

  • Open Educational Resources Policy for Higher Education in Nigeria

    This report makes a case for open educational resources (OER) in Nigeria and presents a draft OER policy for higher education in Nigeria. In its simplest form, OER are any “educational resources (including curriculum maps, course materials, textbooks, streaming videos, multimedia applications, podcast, and any other materials that have been designed for use in teaching and learning) that are... more

  • BRIDGE Policy on Open Educational Resources

    OERs are educational resources that are freely available for use by school leaders, educators and learners without an accompanying need to pay royalties or licence fees. BRIDGE has adopted, as a default licence for all its products produced through its various projects and engagements, a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence (CC-BY-SA 4.0). more

  • Open Licensing of Primary Grade Reading Materials: Considerations and Recommendations

    Restrictive copyrights can limit how likely reading resources are to be used, shared or repurposed, which significantly diminishes the potential impact of the materials.  Donors and international organizations are increasingly investing in open educational resources, as they are interested in ensuring that educational materials reach the greatest possible number of learners, and that broad... more

  • An analysis of peer reviewed publications on openness in education in half a century: Trends and patterns in the open hemisphere

    Openness in education is an evolving concept which is shaped by the changing needs of societies, cultures, geographies, and economies, thus, it does not have a precise definition. By focusing on four sets of generic keywords - open education, open learning, open educational resources (OERs), and open educational practices (OEPs) - this paper examines research in openness in education through... more

  • Online Education for Public Health Capacity Building in Low- to Middle-Income Countries

    People’s Open Access Education Initiative (Peoples-uni, http://peoples-uni.org [1]) aims to contribute to improvements in the health of populations in low- to middle-income countries by building public health capacity via e-learning at affordable cost. We describe experience over nine years of the initiative, including the development and delivery of a Master of Public Health (MPH) programme... more

  • Digital Pedagogy, New Media Literacies and Open Educational Resources: Exploring the Impact of Digital Resources in Higher Education

    This thesis examines the way digital technologies affect Higher Education and how they possibly will shape education in the time to come. In order to achieve this, three focus areas are explored: Digital Pedagogy, New Media Literacies and Didactics. more

  • Learners’ Access to Educational Materials in Select Institutions within the Commonwealth

    This report assesses students’ access to educational materials in select institutions within Commonwealth countries. The findings indicate that learners are now engaging with a complex ecosystem of learning materials, both print and digital, in a multitude of differing forms and formats, with various terms of use and durations of sustained access. more

  • Mainstreaming use of Open Educational Resources (OER) in an African context

    The study derives from a multi-year project implemented by OER Africa. The project sought to understand how OER might be used as a catalyst for pedagogical transformation in African universities. Within a non- determinist and interpretivist theoretical framework and an over-arching project methodology of participatory action research, the study made use of an analytical autoethnographic... more

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