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  • The Status of E-Learning and Educational Technology in Makerere University

    This presentation made by Tito Okumu identifies the institutional policy structure, the history of e-learning at Makerere, the current status and prospects for the future more

  • Current Research on e-Learning & Proposed Research Agenda for Makerere University

    This presentation presented by Paul Muyinda covers the background, aims, objectives, ongoing and recently completed research, modus operandi, projects in the pipeline, benefits and research agenda for e-learning at Makerere University. more

  • Working Towards Fundable Projects

    This presentation is used to help build capacity in writing funding proposals for education technology projects in Higher Education institutions more

  • Defining Communities of Practice

    This document represents a first attempt at collating the information available on the Internet to understand the term 'communities of practice'. It is not comprehensive, but can help to understand the key features of communities of practice to inform the development of the OER platform. more

  • On OERs: Five ideas to guide engagement with the Open Educational Resources 'movement'

    This brief paper was developed in response to the launching of the Cape Town Declaration that set itself up as a manifesto of a 'movement', the 'open education movement'.It describes five ideas that SAIDE regards as important in engaging with the OER 'movement'. more

  • The Saide Materials Design Wheel Review Tool

    This is a review tool suitable for both materials design and materials evaluation. It is based on an evolving Saide approach to materials design inspired by the concept of the learning cycle developed by Ian Moll when he was at Saide. more

  • Course design in an OER environment

    A brief account of models of adaptation of OERs for different programmes more

  • Copyright in the ACEMaths project

    This short paper presents the thinking on copyright that informed the ACEMaths project when it started. more

  • One to Many: A Collective Approach to Adapting a Maths Module for a Variety of Programmes

    Paper presented by Tessa Welch and Ingrid Sapire to the TEP Consortium conference: 'Teacher development and institutional change in an evolving education context', 29 May 2007, Benoni more

  • A Review of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement: Achievements, Challenges and New Opportunities. Report to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

    In 2002 the Education Program of the Hewlett Foundation introduced a major component into its strategic plan "Using Information Technology to Increase Access to High Quality Educational Content". This review of the Open Educational Resources Movement begins with this plan as a baseline. more

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