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  • Differentiation in access to, and the use and sharing of (Open) Educational Resources among students and lecturers at Kenyan universities. Presented at OEGlobal 2017, 8?10 March 2017. Cape Town, South Africa.

    Empirical data have been generated by the use of a student and a lecturer questionnaire to which in total 798 students and 43 lecturers have responded. The outcomes give insight into the differentiation in access to (Open) Educational Resources, and in ways that they are using and sharing these resources. more

  • Differentiation in access to, and the use and sharing of (Open) Educational Resources among students and lecturers at Kenyan Universities. Open Praxis, 9(2), 173-94.

    Selected from the very rich source two major outcomes are: (i) there is a significant digital differentiation among lecturers and students at urban versus rural universities in terms of their proficiency and internet accessibility; and (ii) the awareness and appreciation of the OER concept and open licensing is low but from the actual processing by respondents of educational resources (not... more

  • Rethinking teacher preparation and professional development in Africa: an analysis of the curriculum of teacher education in the teaching of early reading and mathematics. Curriculum Journal, 23(4), 409?502.

    This paper reports research on the initial teacher training and continuing professional development of teachers in six African countries (Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda). The focus of the research was on the teaching of early reading and mathematics. more

  • Print Industries Cluster Council report on intellectual property rights in the print industries sector. Cape Town: Print Industries Cluster Council.

    The Report deals in particular with copyright as an aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and the impact of these rights on growth and development in the print industries sector. It therefore surveys the state of copyright as it relates to the written word and identifies ways in which copyright laws and practices in South Africa are aiding or inhibiting growth. Finally, it makes... more

  • Open Scholarship Practices Reshaping South Africa's Scholarly Publishing Roadmap. Publications 2015, 3(4), 263-284.

    The growth of IRs, the growth in support for gold open access including the library acting as a publisher, the experimentation with open monographs, and OERs which are all shaping South Africa?s scholarly publishing roadmap. more

  • Accessibility of Open Educational Resources for Distance Education learners: The case of the Open University of Tanzania. HURIA: Journal of The Open University of Tanzania, 14, 76?88.

    This paper investigated the accessibility of Open Educational Resources at The Open University of Tanzania. Specifically, the study looked at staff and students? level of awareness on the types of OER available at OUT Library, access and use trends of OER by academic staff and students, challenges faced in accessing OER and possible solutions. more

  • Assessing the impact of access to and availability of OER on the emergence and extent of open education practices in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of an ICT-integrated multinational teacher education program in math and science

    Qualitative case study that used interviews and document analysis to collect data. The findings indicate varying degrees of open education practices at the AVU network level, at the level of the partner institution and at the level of the educational professional. Presented at OEGlobal 2017, 8?10 March 2017. Cape Town, South Africa more

  • Electronic Learning and Open Educational Resources in the Health Sciences in Ghana.

    A study to determine whether a group of Ghanaian students are able to easily use electronic learning material and whether they perceive this method of learning as acceptable. Ghana Medical Journal, Vol. 44(4), 159?162. more

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