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  • The Best of Two Open Worlds at the National Open University of Nigeria.

    Presents The National Open University of Nigeria's (NOUN?s) OER strategy with insight on lessons learned. Open Praxis, 8(2), 111?121. more

  • The AVU Open Educational Resources (OER) architecture for Higher Education in Africa: Discussion paper. Paris: Organisation for Economic Co?operation and Development.

    Aims to generate a dialogue around our shared desire to see a collaborative and coordinated strategy for the creation, organization, dissemination and utilization of OERs in general and in Africa in particular. more

  • Revisiting the challenges for Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: The role of the Open Educational Resources movement.

    Investigates the key challenges to Higher Education (HE) in SSA and identifies those areas in which OER could contribute significantly to finding solutions to those challenges. more

  • An Emerging Typology for Analysing OER Initiatives. In Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact. Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education,

    A typology for analysing OER initiatives using four main categories: creation, organisation, dissemination and utilisation, and 18 sub categories to examine and analyse each initiative, with each sub category having a number of properties and possible dimensions. more

  • Transforming teaching with emerging technologies: implications for Higher Education Institutions.

    The article concludes that, in order to foster a greater uptake or more institution-wide diffusion of use of emerging technologies, institutional opinion leaders need to purposefully create an enabling environment by giving recognition to and communicating with change agents, and developing policies that will encourage institutional-wide engagement with emerging technologies. more

  • A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

    A summary of key issues in OER, an analysis of those issues, and a set of appendices, containing more detailed information about speci c areas of relevance to OER. more

  • Deconstructing OER and its Potential for African Higher Education.

    Outlines the importance of OER in the African context and sets out a 'Theory of Change', for OER which begins by identifying a clear set of specific problems more

  • Researching Resistance to Open Education Resource Contribution.

    Aims to ascertain whether Engestro?m?s activity theory and its principle of contradictions is a sufficiently versatile and insightful lens to investigate non-participation of OER contribution. Activity theory was found to be useful for framing the literature and three interviews with University of Cape Town (UCT) academics and for surfacing some of the constraints in the system. An Activity... more

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