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Our Team

Our Team

Catherine Ngugi, Project Director at OER Africa.
Catherine has overseen the development of OER Africa, from a project seeded by a single donor, to an initiative within Saide comprised of several projects and attracting funding from several sources. She is a strong spokesperson for OER Africa and for OER more generally. Catherine is responsible for maintaining several partnerships and for supporting all team members on an individual basis and through administrative structures.
Neil Butcher 
Neil Butcher is based in South Africa, from where he has provided policy and technical advice and support to a range of national and international clients regarding educational planning, uses of educational technology and distance education. He works with OER Africa as the project's OER Stategist, and is the Institutional Lead at the University of the Free State in South Africa.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore is Institutional Lead at the University of Pretoria and is currently a project manager supporting projects that exploit Open Education Resources (OER) and Technology for Education Ministries, and both Higher and Basic Education institutions. These institutions have been spread around the developing world including West and East Africa, SADC countries India, Oman and the Caribbean.
Brenda Mallinson
Brenda Mallinson is an independent Learning Technologies consultant based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Brenda currently works on a number of Educational Technology and Open Educational Resource (OER) projects at higher education institutions across sub-Saharan Africa, encompassing research, strategy, theory, and practical implementation in the area of Learning Technologies and OER and is the Institutional Lead at the Open University of Tanzania. 
Tony Mays
Tony Mays is the Manager of the Unit for Distance Education within the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria. Tony is the Institutional Lead at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya and is busy with a Doctoral study in Curriculum Studies focusing on mainstreaming the use of OER in curriculum transformation also at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya.
Rosemary Juma-Sandagi

Rosemary Juma-Sandagi is the Project Officer at OER Africa an initiative of Saide. She has over 10 years of experience in Office and Project Management; in organization and coordination of project operations and procedures; as well as in Community Development. Rosemary is also a member of the OER Africa Communications Strategy Team with an aim to promote the visibility of OER Africa.  

Monge Tlaka
Monge Tlaka is the Website Manager for OER Africa. Her role involves managing the website development, manages the website technical team and hosting environment.  Monge is also part of the OER Africa Communication Team  and produces online marketing materials, website content and keywords for Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).
Jenny Louw
Jenny Louw has been with Saide for over 20 years; she started as a librarian setting up the Resource Centre in 1994.  In this capacity she continues to perform all library duties including cataloguing and identifying new hard copy and digital resources related to OER on the OER Africa website. Jenny is also part of the OER Africa Communications Team and is responsible for the overall knowledge management of Saide.



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