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Emerging Lessons from the OER Africa Institutional Engagement Grant

Background documentation reflecting on the emerging lessons as OER Africa comes to a close of its second year of engagement with identified institutions.

OER Africa Participatory Action Research Model

OER Africa's participatory action research model was tabled at the 2016 OER Africa convening.

OER in Teacher Education: Reflections from the OER Africa Teacher Education Network

This document is the result of a discussion within the African Teacher Education Network of OER Africa on the status of OER integration into teacher education.

Health OER Inter-Institutional Project Formative Evaluation of Health OER Design Phase

The review was to be based on a study of relevant documents, interviews with academic staff involved in institutional policy making and OER production

Supporting Collaboration and Harnessing of OER Within the Policy Framework of KNUST

Supporting Collaboration and Harnessing of OER Within the Policy Framework of KNUST: Report Prepared by OER Africa on Behalf of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

OER Africa ? An Introduction (Kenya Methodist University, Meru) January 2010

Presentation on an Institutional Policy Review by OER Africa to the Kenya Methodist University, Meru, Kenya, 27th January 2010.

OER in Africa ? A Sea Change (OpenEd Conference in Vancouver, Canada) August 2009

The Key Note covers a brief history of higher education in Africa; the impact of funding on the purpose of education; the debates about the purpose of higher education within the global knowledge economy; and the possible role within all of this of OER Afr

Introducing OER Africa (Hewlett Foundation, Menlo Park, CA) February 2009.

Higher Education Institutions in Africa increasingly find themselves trapped in an ineluctable impasse: To remain relevant they must satisfy the diverse and often contradictory demands of various stakeholders while doing so with severe limitations to t


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