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Finding Your Way in the World of Work. Activity Guide for Office Administration: Level 2

This activity guide is the end result of a journey into materials development that started at the beginning of 2005. Some 30 educators from the FET colleges participated in a series of workshops which were aimed at developing a core team of people in the Limpopo province who could support any initiatives in their own colleges to develop suitable materials for NQF aligned learning programmes including learnerships. The ultimate goal is for colleges to become more responsive to the needs of the province and their learners and to improve the quality of learning and teaching.

Learning to change: you and your learning

"This unit is about using learning to bring about personal change. This assumes that learning can help achieve such change. It aims to be the first step in showing you how this is possible. The unit has three separate but related aspects: 1.The unit begin

Module C1 : Learning at university

This module highlights some of the key features of university reading and writing


This is a handbook for beginners and experts! You will find a range of activities in each section listed in the navigation box to the right. You don`t have to use them all! They`re just a collection of activities for all sorts of people. Just browse the se

Digital information literacy

"This resource considers various topics covering Accessing a computer and the Internet, Accessing and interpreting information from the Internet, and Creating to interpret information from the Internet. "

Extending and developing your thinking skills

Diagrams, mind-maps, tables, graphs, time lines, flow charts, sequence diagrams, decision trees: all can be used to organise thought.

Module 4 : The bionic human

"On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

Module 3 : Chemistry and the human body

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to understand the basic types of substances


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