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Inguinal Canal Powerpoint

Undergraduate medical students learning functional anatomy. This resource is used to complement cadaver dissection practicals.

Blood Culture Procedure

The intention of the video is aimed at improving patient outcomes via education. The video demonstrates how to appropriately do a Blood Culture procedure and limit the number of samples being compromised.

Case Scenarios In Pediatric Practices

Pictures are very important complimentary teaching materials. They provide vivid visual impressions to aid clinical students in making diagnosis.

Time to move beyond a brainless physiology

“Exercise is a complex behavior that is regulated by a complex system”. In this talk, Prof Noakes seeks to include the brain as a factor in exercise physiology. He starts with the classical teachings in exercise physiology and continues by looking at various models such as the A.V. Hill model and the peripheral model.

Beyond the VO2 max: The role of self-belief in elite athletic performance

This lecture explores how success in sports ranging from extreme cold water swimming to World Cup rugby are linked by a common thread - the role of self-belief.

Exercising advocacy: Some personal ideas and experiences

This video lecture can be used by self learners or as a supplement to sports science course material.

Examination of the Nervous System (Video tutorial)

A teaching video of how to conduct the basic neurological examination, designed for 3rd year medical students.

South African Child Gauge 2009/2010

This collection of papers focused on the theme `Healthy children: From survival to optimal development` can be used for independent study/research or for integration into child development curriculum.

Gastric Lavage Procedure Animation

This animation can be used to demonstrate how this sensitive procedure is performed to medical students.


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