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Report on the Learning4Content Project: Prepared for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The narrative section provides:

  • An overview of the WikiEducator initiative highlighting growth indicators and notable achievements under this grant, as well as:
  • A clarification of how the Foundation`s support for the Learning4Content proje
  • Draft New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework (NZGOAL)

    This draft New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL)(a) sets out a series of open access and open licensing principles, for non-copyright information and data and copyright works, respectively; (b) advocates the use of:(i) clear

    The Internet Public Library

    Offers links to hundreds of full-text books, magazines, and newspapers

    Creating Learning Materials for Open and Distance Learning: A Handbook for Authors and Instructional Designers

    This handbook has been written for anyone who plans and writes learning materials for use in open and distance learning (ODL). Anyone who is interested in producing better ODL materials will find something of value in this handbook.

    BOCODOL Instructional Design Consultancy 19 ? 30 November 2001

    Although this report is specific to workshops run for BOCODOL in Botswana, there are useful guidelines for those engaging with course design processes. Part of the workshop focussed on adding audio elements to courses.

    Course Review Instrument

    This template provides guidelines for reviewing course materials.

    Module First Level Evaluation Template

    We have included detailed explanations, as well as sample responses to these sets of questions. This questionnaire is designed to be completed digitally, as then adequate space can be created for all responses. If it is to be used as a hard copy, we sugge

    Materials Development Contract - Example

    This is an example contract for materials development projects

    Worlds in Collision: Copyright, Technology, and Education

    In order to understand these tensions, consider the following example from Second Life, a shared environment where users adopt virtual personae to explore a world created predominantly by other users. The ability to manipulate the Second Life world allow

    The Public Domain Enclosing the Commons of Mind

    Imagine yourself starting a society from scratch. Perhaps you fought a revolution, or perhaps you led a party of adventurers into some empty land, conveniently free of indigenous peoples.


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