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Utilising Open Educational Resources (OER) in Support of Curriculum Transformation at Africa Nazarene University

This OER Africa presentation, made at the ALARA 9th Action Learning Research Congress in November 2015, discusses the participatory action research approach that is being used at the Africa Nazarene University (ANU).

University of Nairobi Open Access Policy

The Open Access policy will provide our scholars the opportunity and platform to promote their academic work by enhancing access to research outputs. Further, the policy will enhance the visibility and impact of our research output and archiving of our scholarly materials.

The Roles of Libraries and Information Professionals in Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiatives: Survey Report

The study focuses on the involvement of the Library as an organizational unit, and of individual librarians and other information science specialists, in open educational resources (OER) initiatives.

Growing the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in US Higher Education

This online report from the Babson Survey Research Group is an output on a survey of academic leaders between 2009 - 201 on their knowledge, use and opinion of OER.

Future of Research in Free/Open Source Software Development

This paper reports on highlights from a workshop held in early 2010 on the future of research in FOSS, and how such research relates to or informs our understanding of FOSS and SE, collaborative software development work, software evolution, and new

Delivering Service Indicators in Education and Health: A Proposal

The Delivering Service Indicators seek to provide a set of indices for benchmarking service delivery performance in education and health in Africa in order to track progress in and across countries over time.

Report on Open Repository Development in Developing and Transition Countries

The aim of this study was to create an inventory of current digital repository activities in developing countries at both the infrastructure and the services level.

Harnessing Openness to Improve Research, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

In this report the Committee for Economic Development examines higher education through the lens of openness. Their goal was to understand the potential impact of greater openness on colleges and universities. Like other service industries such as finance

Harnessing Open Educational Resources to the Challenges of Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

The challenges to teacher educators in sub-Saharan Africa are acute. This paper describes how the Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) consortium is working within institutional and national policy systems to support school-based teacher profess

Action Research for Professional Development: Concise advice for New Action Researchers

This text aims to provide some general answers for the many people who ask, ‘What exactly is action research?’ A number of excellent books are available to give more detailed responses, and you can find some of them in the ‘bibliographies’ section of this