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  • Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation

    Open Educational Resources (OER) — teaching, learning and research materials that their owners make free for others to use, revise and share — offer a powerful means of expanding the reach and effectiveness of worldwide education. The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO co-organised the World OER Congress in 2012 in Paris. That Congress resulted in the OER Paris Declaration: a...

  • Fiji Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts: National Policy on Open Educational Resources

    The purpose of this policy is to provide direction in the use of open educational resources (hereinafter referred to as OER) to increase access to and support quality learning and teaching in Fiji’s education and training system. In doing so, the policy seeks to strengthen commitment to OER by all concerned including the Government.

  • A Guide to Quality in Post-Traditional Online Higher Education

    The quality assurance of post-traditional higher education is not straightforward, because openness and flexibility are primary characteristics of these new approaches, whereas traditional approaches to quality assurance were designed for teaching and learning within more tightly structured frameworks. This guide, structured in the form of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, grapples with this...

  • University of Fort Hare Distance Education Project. Core Education Studies Course: Schools as Learning Communities. Umthamo 5: Re-creating School Policy

    In this umthamo, we will try to understand policy, and the role of policy in the process of developing 'quality schools'. The umthamo will guide you in evaluating and re-creating policy in your own school.

  • OER Policy Review and Development Toolkit

    This toolkit is aimed at higher education stakeholders who are working with Open Educational Resources (OER). It is designed to help you review your own institutional policy environment and where necessary institute policy changes that will facilitate collaboration and the development and sharing of OER. The toolkit raises policy questions, and makes suggestions for addressing policy issues...

  • Developing and using Open Educational Resources at KNUST

    In May 2011, Pro Vice Chancellor Peter Donkor published this article in the Digital Learning Resources online journal.

  • Promoting mental health in scarce-resource contexts: Emerging evidence and practice

    Contributions from a range of experts makes this a must read text for students and practitioners, policy-makers and planners or anyone with an interest in improving mental and public health in South Africa. Mental health promotion strives to improve mental health through developing ways of adjusting and coping with challenges. These strategies are at the heart of human development and can...

  • A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

    This Guide comprises three sections. The first – a summary of the key issues – is presented in the form of a set of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Its purpose is to provide readers with a quick and user-friendly introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) and some of the key issues to think about when exploring how to use OER most effectively. The second section is a more comprehensive...

  • Creating a Caring School: Toolkit Other

    This list of contacts, services and resources is by no means exhaustive, but merely illustrative of the kinds of government and non ? government programmes and services that are available to schools. It is intended as a stimulus to get each school management team to develop their own data base or list of contacts and resources.

  • Creating a Caring School: Toolkit Introduction

    This resource is comprised of two companion components, the guide and the toolkit. The guide is intended to assist school leadership and management to understand why and how a particular strategy, method, or idea is useful, and not to be just a ?how to? manual of tips. Yet the resource as a whole is at the same time intended to be relevant at all times to the context and practice of the...

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