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This Guide comprises three sections. The first – a summary of the key issues – is presented in the form of a set of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Its purpose is to provide readers with a quick and user-friendly introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) and some of the key issues to think about when exploring how to use OER most effectively.

The second section is a more comprehensive analysis of these issues, presented in the form of a traditional research paper. For those who have a deeper interest in OER, this section will assist with making the case for OER more substantively.

The third section is a set of appendices, containing more detailed information about specific areas of relevance to OER. These are aimed at people who are looking for substantive information regarding a specific area of interest.

Butcher, Neil
Commonwealth of Learning AND UNESCO
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Any part of this document may be reproduced without permission but with attribution to the Commonwealth of Learning and the author. CC-BY-SA (Share Alike with Attribution) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0