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  • The use of Open Educational Resources at the University of Malawi (UNIMA) ? Kamuzu College of Nursing Malawi. Zomba: University of Malawi.

    The major findings of the pilot project were that; open education resources (OER) can provide significant components to assist in providing higher education as they benefit both faculty and students (need to elaborate on benefits to the student after you summarize the faculty benefits. specifically faculty preparation time is reduced.

  • OER readiness in Africa: A report submitted to the OLnet Project, August 2010. Barcelona: OLnet.

    Small scale project to assess Africa?s readiness to adopt OER. This involved an assessment of the technical and human related factors. By technical factors the study was to look at the status of existing technological infrastructure, establish the extent it supports creation, access and use/re-use of OER, and identify existing gaps or limitations. The human factors consisted of elements such...

  • An empirical investigation of the emergent issues around OER adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learning, Media and Technology, 37(4), 398?413.

    This paper argues for a complete mind shift in how people perceive OERs. It also proposes raising awareness of OERs at all levels, involving institutions and government, versioning OERs for the African context and conducting more research on OER adoption.

  • Coming up short in the OER movement: African language OERs. Access to Knowledge: A Course Journal, 1(2).

    This paper examines some of the reasons why inequities have transferred over to the information society despite a rhetoric from the OER community that engages values of open and equal access on a global scale, and seeks to highlight potential paths forward to the linguistic diversification of the OER movement.

  • A Needs Assessment of ODL Educators to Determine their Effective Use of Open Educational Resources

    This paper assessed the needs, readiness, and willingness of ODL professionals from two dual-mode universities in Nigeria to deploy OER in teaching and learning.

  • Producing OER from Scratch: The Case of Health Sciences at the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

    OER activity in developing countries accounts for the majority of the work reported in the book, and the experience of using and repurposing OER receives as much coverage as their initial development. Other papers describe how OER can be fitted most productively into the wider educational ecosystem.

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