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The Counseling by Caregivers, Nurses and Midwives Manualis resource is the first in a series that is designed to help caregivers, nurses and midwives acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to effectively counsel clients and patients especially the young people. These resources are aimed at equipping caregivers with knowledge and skills related to counseling. The resources will also offer techniques on how a Counselor can help a client understand his/her problem, keep his or her determination to change, learn new skills, and access needed community support. The knowledge and skills that you learn through these resources will not replace those that professionally qualified counselors have. Instead the skills and knowledge in these resources are meant to give you a basis for counseling.

These resources should therefore be viewed as blueprints that will guide you in counseling clients and patients. They are not a substitute for training and supervision nor appropriate for all clients or clinical programs. Each unit has been developed as stand-alone, self-instructional material. But you will build on from the previous unit in accordance to your stage of program.

Genesis S Chorwe, Rebecca C Ngalande, Chimwemwe Mula, Wyness Gondwe, Lucy Kululanga, Mirrium Simbota, Andrew Moore
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