This Farmers’ Agribusiness training course has been developed to help both farmers and farmer organisations. Its intention is to provide access to additional skills and knowledge that will allow farmers to move from a 'farm' to a 'firm'. The module is subdivided into five sections, Module 1: Structure of Agricultural Sector and Policies, Module 2: Sustainable Agriculture, Module 3: Entrepreneurship, 4: ICT in Support of Agriculture, and Module 5: Agribusiness Management for Farmer Organisations.

These modules can be studied in any particular order although the lessons within each module should be accessed in their correct order. (Click here for suggested approaches.)

To access the PDF version click here. You can download a case studies from here as well. 

If you are an instructor/lecturer using the Agribusiness case studies and wish to access the teaching notes, please send us an infoatoerafrica [dot] org (subject: Farmer%27s%20Agribusiness%20Training%20Course%20Teaching%20Notes) (email).

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