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Following the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources (OER), UNESCO initiated a programme to support governments and educational institutions in implementing the Recommendation.

One such action is the development of a series of five briefing notes or guidelines for governments, one for each Action Area in the OER Recommendation. These briefing notes have been developed through a lengthy consultative process and in cooperation with OER experts worldwide. OER Africa has provided logistical and editorial assistance to UNESCO on this work as part of a formal cooperation agreement with UNESCO to provide support in implementation of the OER Recommendation.

Each briefing note/guideline has the following structure:

  • General explanation of what the action area covers.
  • The main issues surrounding the action area.
  • A Checklist/Matrix of possible actions.
  • In-depth discussion of the main issues surrounding the action line.
  • Examples of good practice.
  • The target audience is governments and educational institutions.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization