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The module is designed for undergraduate first year students. The aim is to introduce the art and science of critical thinking using a philosophical approach that grounds the subject in the nature of man and the purpose of the university. It has eight topics but the eighth is optional. Each topic should take an average of two weeks to complete and is designed for undergraduate first year students.

The length of the course is 14 weeks but can be completed earlier as some topics are shorter. Critical Thinking and the University, The Critical Thinking concept – its relationship with Philosophy, Knowledge, Truth, The Nature of Critical Thinking, Logic (Thinking about Thinking), The application of critical thinking within universities – the scientific approach, and as an optional topic - The Connection between Faith and Reason.

Each Topic is divided into five parts: Introduction, Learning Outcomes, Online Resources, Activity (e-tivity) and Assessment.

Moodle backup for the course available here.

Strathmore University (Kenya)
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