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Mathematics for Primary School Teachers has been digitally published by Saide, with the Wits School of Education. It is a revised version of a course originally written for the Bureau for In-service Teacher Development (Bited) at the then Johannesburg College of Education (now Wits School of Education).

The course is for primary school teachers (Foundation and Intermediate Phase) and consists of six content units on the topics of geometry, numeration, operations, fractions, statistics and measurement. Though they do not cover the entire curriculum, the six units cover content from all five mathematics content areas represented in the curriculum.

Learners need to be exposed to a range of activities and conceptual teaching on fractions as parts of wholes, ratios, decimals and percentages in order to develop fully their understanding of multiplicative reasoning and rational numbers. This unit looks at sound methods for the teaching of fractions to young learners.






Sapire, Ingrid
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0  
Saide; Wits School of Education