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The purpose of the AgSgare convening was to provide an opportunity for project teams:

  • Makerere College of Communication and Information Science (CoCIS) – Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge
  • Makerere College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (COVAB) – Dairy Hygiene
  • Haramaya Department of Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM)- Enhancing Agricultural information through mobile technology
  • Haramaya Department of Agricultural Economics – Marketing of agricultural products
  • Mekelle College of Water Resources and Irrigation Management – Water and soil conservation

to share experiences on progress made so far on the AgShare II project. At the same time, the convening offered an opportunity for project teams to plan for the remaining part of the project with support from the three partner institutions, namely Saide, MSU and RUFORUM. The specific objectives of the convening were:

  • To identify progress made by institutions to date and challenges being experienced, and share experiences with a view to overcoming some of these challenges.
  • To facilitate planning that enhances the timely completion of high quality products.
Ephraim Mhlanga
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0  
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