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Saide’s OER Africa initiative is delighted to partner UNESCO IITE in putting together this important publication. This builds on a long relationship between the organizations, based on our mutual commitment to enabling successful open learning for all, and on our belief in the potential of open educational resources (OER) in pursuing those ends. Unfortunately, the claims of OER in relation to equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as in improving pedagogy cost effectively, remain largely untested. 
Based on 15 case studies from across the world, this publication seeks to shed light on these important issues: the economic and pedagogical value of investing in OER; the role of OER in fostering diversity, inclusion, and in purposively pursuing quality improvement and inno-vation; and, finally, the extent to which these important issues are being researched.
Sarah Hoosen; Neil Butcher
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution Share Alike 4.0  
Case Studies
OER research in Africa
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Unesco Institute for Information Technologies in Education