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The outcome of this umthamo relate to integrating the way children think and work scientifically in the classroom. There will be a focus on experimenting, as well as the related process skills of using time relationships and controlling and manipulating variables. Teachers will also be asked to reflect on their role as they help learners develop these science skills.

Kenyon, Alan
Kenyon, Viv
Paige, Kathy
Nxawe, Mthunzi
Ngetu, Celiwe
Sotuku, Namhla
Rousseau, Marlene
License Condition: Full Copyright - All rights reserved  
University of Fort Hare
Licence Description: 
Saide has secured the permission of the relevant authors to digitise the study units (or imithamo) in the programme. The units are not yet openly licensed, but if you wish to use a unit or part of a unit, Saide can offer support in securing the necessary permissions to copy, adapt, and integrate into a teacher education programme, or offer as a short course.