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Flexible learning: A set of educational philosophies and systems, concerned with providing learners with increased choice, convenience and personalisation to suit the learner. In particular. flexible learning provides learners with choices about where, when and how learning occurs. The term 'flexible learning' is often used in New Zealand and Australia. (Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexible_Learning)

Fully online programmes: These programmes have no face-to-face component. All interactions with staff and students, educational content, learning activities, assessment and support services are integrated and delivered online. The term 'fully online' is usually used in contrast with the terms 'web-dependent' and 'web-supplemented'.

Headset: Headphones combined with a microphone that plug into your computer.

Immersive environment: An artificial, interactive, computer-created scene or 'world' within which you can immerse yourself. 

Instant Messaging (IM): Communication between two or more people in a 'live' (synchronous) conversation, using text rather than voice.