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This module is designed for teacher trainees who have already covered two prerequisite courses namely Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology. It equips the learner with important insights regarding the learner, the content and the learning process. The main focus is the application of the principles and techniques of psychology in the teaching-learning process. Indicative contents include learning, motivation, attitudes, personality adjustment and maladjustment, classroom management, exceptional learners and the basic concepts in guidance and counselling in education.
The module has embedded some tools such as online collaborative discussion forums in the form of e-tivities designed for promotion of peer learning and personal mastery of the contents and e-moderator involvement. In addition you will be expected to complete the e-tivities and post them in the discussion forums that will be provided and in a portfolio that you will create and which will be accessible to your e-moderator when required. The module has also provided for face to face sessions, which will allow you to learn collaboratively in a classroom setting through group discussions and presentantions. The unit facilitator will be expected to decide on the discussion and presentantion topics which learners will engage in.
Tabitha Wangeri. Samuel Mutweleli. Anthony Ireri. Elizabeth Mwaniki. Rhoda Gitonga. Eric Masika.
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0  
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Kenyatta University; SPHEIR; PEBL; ACU
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