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OER Resource Collection

A Technical Mode for Sharing and Utilizing Open Educational Resources in Chinese Universities

In this study, a technical mode is proposed to collect the open educational resources from different sources on the Internet into a campus-network-based resource management system.

Benefits and Challenges of OER for Higher Education

In this presentation Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams of the University of Cape Town`s Centre for Educational Technology discusses why and how Open Educational Resources can be beneficial and what the challenges are.

Creating OER and Combining Licenses

This video is intended to help you choose compatible resources and choose a valid license for your work.

Open Educational Resources: Analysis of Responses to the OECD Country Questionnaire

This working paper thus builds on exploratory and forward-looking research in CERI and invites countries to consider the policy implications of the expansion of OER, its benefits and associated challenges.

New Approaches to Openness - Beyond Open Educational Resources

This chapter begins by discussing the characteristics of social and participatory media and considers their implications for learning, teaching and research. The notion of openness is then considered and different facets of open practices across learning, teaching and research are considered.

The Impact of OER and eLearning on Higher Education in Africa

Presentation by Catherine Ngugi and Neil Butcher at the African Education Week, Sandton Convention Centre, 2nd - 4th July 2012

Potential Effect of Making Journals Free After a Six Month Embargo: A Report for the Association of Learned, Professional and Society Publishers (ALPSP) and The Publishers Association

This report documents the results of a survey carried out to obtain a significant body of information on how the acquisitions policies of libraries might be affected by an across-theboard mandate to make journals articles free of charge six months after publication.

Examining the Reuse of Open Textbooks

In this study we examined the extent to which the openly licensed Flat World Knowledge textbooks were being revised and remixed.